Monday, March 14, 2016

Portraits and such

  While I have been working on a series of paintings from my French trip, I have also been teaching a portrait class for the last 5 weeks.
  Normally when I teach a portrait class, it has to do with proportion, observation of the skull and what bone points one sees in a face. We also pay attention to certain muscles of the face as well as understanding the planes of the face and how they change in value. I usually like to see my students end up with good drawings or paintings rather than a strict likeness. After they understand all that, then We usually concentrate on getting a likeness.

This time however, I decided to approach the portrait from an emotional or storytelling point of view.This was not a course for beginners but for students who had experience with drawing or painting portraits. I must say I think they had a good time.

I was able to do a couple of demos during the class. Here is a one from our recent model.
It's a pastel study. 

I usually like to do my demos with my students. That way they can come and look any time during the process and I don't take up too much of their paint time. It has worked pretty well for me and them.

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