Thursday, May 14, 2020

Coronavirus creativity

What a lovely day today ! Several of my adult students and I have removed ourselves from the studio to the great outdoors. Today we went to Bur-mil park where a couple of us did ink drawing, a couple did oil paintings and one did a really nice pastel. I must say I got my exercise going up and down the hill since two were up the hill and two were down. We have also been to Price park and next week we plan on going to the Greensboro Arboretum. My sister anI went walking there and there some really nice things to paint along the riverbed there.
 Since then we have also gone to Fisher park which has some wonderful stone bridges as well as wonderful trees to do. here is one of my ink was efforts

This coronavirus quarantine has made me get a little creative when it comes to teaching and when I panic because there isn't enough money to pay bills I fill out my form for Arts Greensboro. What a wonderful organization that is. They are helping artists: fine arts, Music, theatre etc weather this financial storm a lot of us are going through so If you are a good wage earner and you can afford it, give to them. They have really helped me out this week!!!! And they were able to help 68 others as well solely on donations.

that is my news for now. I will write soon

Monday, March 16, 2020

  It seems everyone is in panic mode due to the coronavirus. It"s a shame really as I believe people are really overreacting. Unfortunately for me it has had a very big impact on my small school. No-one is coming even though our studio is squeaky clean at this point and since fewer students are coming there would be lots of space between students. Not that I don't think the virus is serious- I do but not to the point where you feel you must hoard food and toilet paper- what is that about anyway.

On the plus side, I have plenty of time to thoroughly clean shelves and finish my illustration commission which I worked on today. I cannot show it to you yet since the person who wrote the story hasn't really seen them yet.  I, however have been working on a big pastel landscape and here is the study in gouache that I did for it
It is on illustration board which is one of my favorite surfaces for gouache. I have combined a photo that a former student left with images from Ouessant  where I have been. The rocks are incredible there. it is a very windswept island off the coast of Brittany in France.

I also finished my restoration of the De Heem still-life which turned out well and was a real pleasure to work on. Those artists of the Baroque period could really paint. It was in incredible shape given its age.

Here is a detail of it cleaned . I really enjoyed working on this painting and am a little sad that it is finished.

I will be posting more often probably during this corona virus period since I will have more time -so till next time.

Monday, February 3, 2020

      Happy warm day in february! Can you believe it!. I however chose to spend my day working on this incredible painting that I am conserving for a client. It is a still-life of fruit by De Heem, a Dutch painter of the 17th century- one of a family of De Heem's. The more famous one did flowers but you will find this one, his son I believe in museums well.
Here it is after I had just started. As you can see it is still very dark except for the fruit where I had just started surface cleaning. It had been restored before and relined so I took the old lining off and scraped as much of the old glue so that the new lining would adhere well. Then I stretched it on a board with tacks while i fixed the old stretcher and frame. Actually it"s one of my students who did it and its fabulous because we were able to keep the integrity of the support. Very important to keep as much of the original as possible.

Actually this painting is incredible considering how old it is. Hardly any loss of paint and not much in the way of craquelure- you know those little cracks that paintings get with age. Well this one doesn't"t have it.

Here is a close up of it father along in the cleaning process. Amazing isn't it. I love working on really good paintings, One learns so much! This is a Vanitas painting which shows the passage of time with bites and rot beginning in some of the fruit and a number of flies and moths here and there. 

I will post the whole painting when I have finished and you will be able to see all the little rot and deteriorating places.

That is all for now