Tuesday, December 10, 2013

 It seems the holidays are upon us and there has been a certain amount of inactivity on my part in relation to this blog. Thanksgiving was lovely and I enjoyed it with an eclectic group of charming people who invited me. I was on my own this year since I have a big commission that is in process and needed the time to work on it. Besides my son was working so there was no point in doing the trek to Baltimore.

And now Christmas is here or nearly so and after working like a frenzy to get the house ready, I am finally in a place to post on this blog. I am hosting the pastel society'a annual Christmas party and expected 14 to show. There maybe more but things needed to be in some sort of order.

I have just completed a snow painting in pastel that actually turned out differently than expected but I like the way it was going. It's really due to the surface which was one of my old surfaces that I reworked and put a coat of art spectrum grit on it. When I started it it was turning out soft and a little fuzzy so it made me think of memories of past Christmases when I was still in Baltimore. I made sure I did not make it too precise because I liked the memory / dream idea.

 I decided to make it my Christmas card for this year