Tuesday, September 24, 2019

         Fall is here at last bringing milder heat and warmer light. I love this time of the year.  I love to go plein air painting during this time- not so much green! I will however be glad when cooler weather prevails.

My Studio had an Open house on Sunday Sept 8th. We open the studio so the community can come and have a look and ask questions about classes or any other art making topic. Some advanced students have their work up along with the other instructors and myself. We usually have two demonstrations .  This year I  did a demo in oil of a landscape in Germanton I have always wanted to paint.
  I have been painting on wood lately and really like the way it feels and the way the painting looks when it is finished.  Later in the Afternoon, Anthony Pfohl,Jr did a watercolor demo of a donkey from a picture he took when he went to Petra. in Jordan.The Open house went well though attendance was light but that I think was due to the Folk festival and there were other things going on this weekend as well.

We did a lot of cleaning and repainting of the studio and some rearrangement so everything looks nice .Hopefully we can keep it that way because in December we will have our annual winter show which showcases the student's work. So look out for it it will be December 8th and 9th.

On another note, The Pastel Society of North Carolina has their annual members show at the Ambleside Gallery. it should be up until the 28th. I have a piece in it- a snow scene

Its called "Fallen Giant" so go and check it out along with all the other incredible pastels there.