Thursday, July 23, 2020

My projects during the weird covid Time

    What a really odd period of time all of us are going through; with quarantines and masks as well as social distancing. Many artists have navigated to zoom to teach but I have found it very impractical and I would need more technical equipment which I cannot afford right now and then there would be the learning curve....

Instead I have been teaching small classes- no more than 5 or 6 and I have been able to finish my illustration project. I have been illustrating a book whose author is a speech pathologist and he is telling his own story about a horse with whom he was very close and their adventures in jumping competition complicated by the fact that the horse loved butterflies and would veer off during any jump or run to race after them. I feel i can show you a couple because now both the author and the publisher has seen them so i will give you a sneak peak

This is the first one and it is a combination of pen and ink colored pencil and gouache

Here is another a little farther along in the book. I like to mix color with black ink and use color portions as the main focus. Although I did not do that in every illustration. I am nearly finished with illustrations unless they want a small one here and there

I also have been working on greens in very light circumstances. There is an artist on Instagram whose work I admire, especially how he handles the greens .His name is Timoshenko - at least that is his instagram name.You should look him up and see how he handles his greens. They are muted so lots of pinks and oranges in the mix but they give a wonderful effect of brilliant light.

Here is one piece where I have been trying to get his effect in the bright greens. This little 8 x 10 is done in gouache on a new surface. I like using gouache in the field since it has similar properties to oil painting but is easier done small and has a similar effect. if I like the piece I can re do it in larger format in either pastel or oil if I think the effect would be better. This was done at Price Park not far from where I live.