Monday, December 9, 2019

       My students and I have been working hard to put together our Winter Show. I have some absolutely wonderful people who I am privileged to teach. I had marvelous help cleaning on thursday and friday and a couple who paint together hung most of the entire show in two hours. i can tell you it was an incredible feat! I was sooo grateful especially as their sons were coming in town and Susan had to bake. Another newer student came to reclean on saturday morning while the hanging was going on and brought loads of cookies as well as her time. She was amazing and I was so grateful. Another student brought gluten free cookies which means I could have some and yet another brought a bottle of wine which I have saved for tonight.
   My assistants Anthony and Thomas came in the early afternoon and hung the late arrivals as well as my paintings and theirs.,which  means our entire show was up and running by 3 on Saturday- unheard of. Usually we are there till 7 or so at night. So the studio looks wonderful and if you did not come yesterday, try and come tonight from 6 to 9. there are lots of goodies and tonight there will be wine for the adults.

I have painted some newer pieces for the show and other students were madly trying to finish theirs in time, but fortunately everything came together and it is a wonderful show.