Monday, August 11, 2014

compositional woes

The summer is slipping by fast and it seems I do not have a lot of finished pieces to show for it. I have gone plein air painting a few times but have not been pleased with the compositions. I am trying to work on stronger composition and for me that's hard as it smacks of math with its geometric configurations. I am normally a painter of the senses and, except for making sure I have a center of interest, I am more  influenced by light on a subject which is tricky when its gray outside.

Above is a painting I did of Lake Higgins - I actually am pretty pleased with it except it lacks another element to lead you to the background. I am actually planning to go back with this painting and see what I can work out.
    Another painting I was working on is the ocean below- Its carolina Beach of a nice evening after the big storm since I was visiting my son at the time. This is a pastel and I prefer this one but then its all about the light- much more in my comfort zone.

I will keep working on it and will keep you posted on my compositional progress.