Tuesday, July 8, 2014

         Plein Air Painting, for me, is a lot of fun besides giving me ideas for larger paintings. I like to impart this joy to others, so from time to time I teach a Plein Air  Workshop. On the last weekend of June I had 4 participants in a beginner Plein air Workshop.
    It spanned the whole weekend. On friday, we worked in the studio on composition, color mixing and looking at Master's work- both Old and New. I also had students try it from a slide because i wanted them to be prepared for the small size with which we would be working.

Saturday and Sunday, we went to a wonderful farm in Summerfield where we had to decide what to paint- I had made several small mats that students could hold up to decide how little or how much to put in their paintings. We were working in small format 8x 10 and 9 x 12, which is my preferred format since it is longer. I think Everyone agreed with that one.  Students did some very nice pieces and I myself was able to do a couple. below is the first- as you can see we had a cloudy day on saturday.
The cloudy day helped the students with their first piece since there was more time before the light changed but sunday was lovely although the sun kept coming in and out.

Here is the group - Unfortunately I forgot to have them hold one of their paintings but we all had fun.