Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pastel painting Demonstation

           The Pastel Society of North Carolina have regular meetings on the 3rd saturday of the month. During those meetings, there is nearly always a speaker or demonstrator. In January I was the demonstrator. I was asked to do a snow scene. I decided to show how to do a pastel painting with an underpainting of gouache to create a certain mood or light.

Since we have had no snow this year, I used a photo of a place in that had feeling for me since it was in Maryland. I did a small oil painting on watercolor paper to work out what I wanted to include and what to leave out. Here is the oil:

Next to it is the smaller study . Now I felt I was ready for the demonstration. One must be ready so as  not to be distracted by questions or comments. The best way I have found is to be very prepared.
One must be an entertainer as well as one who imparts his or her knowledge of a subject

Finally- here is the demo- It is not quite completed since I have some little detail elements to do yet but the lighting is what I wanted and so is the feeling