Monday, May 12, 2014


  For the past four days I have been in Baltimore soaking up all kinds of wonderful art. I went to the Walter's art Gallery and saw a wonderful exhibition of artists drawing or painting on their travels. There were two rather wonderful ink wash drawings that I am going to try. They were done in black ink rather than the brown ink washes one normally sees. I went around and looked at all the wonderful artwork that that museum houses.

I also went to visit the Zoll Studio since it was close to where i was staying. The work was wonderful and one of the teachers John Sills did a landscape in oil that was a vignette- very interesting. They seem to have some wonderful workshops there as I saw some demonstration pieces by Robert Liberace who is one of my favorites

this is one of the wonderful paintings I saw at the Walter's  and below is one of their landscapes. They have just catalogued their whole collection so you should spend some time and go through it- wonderful

This lovely painting by Constant Troyon is one of my favorites.

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