Thursday, August 1, 2019

Happy Summer Everyone, Although for me it has been creeping along very slowly. its hot and one of my sons moved in with me which has been full of turmoil for both him and me. Nevertheless I have been able to accomplish some interesting project.

  A recent art restoration project was a beautiful landscape that was badly damaged. it entailed relining it as well as patching and inpainting. The artist whoever he is painted his trees in the most beautiful way. i did a small copy of the tree part of the painting to learn his technique.

He seems to have done a warm brown underpainting then painted his leaves on top leaving some of the underpainting showing. It creates the perfect value change from the darker tree against the lightness of the sky values. he also creates his greens from black and yellow adding blue here and there. Very interesting and I have been trying to incorporate this technique in the way I paint.

Here is the original from which I did the little narrow painting. Gorgeous isn't it?

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